We are an Australian company and have realized the need for a company to be selling local product, we will not be trying to sell a piece of land in the middle of no where, the land we recommend will be genuine stock that will be as described and not something that will never be able to do anything with, after all we have been in the real estate industry for some time now and have an impeccable reputation when it comes to selling and marketing quality investments and  property.


Sales Team


Mark McIntyre
Sales Manager

Energy, Experience and Enthusiasm. Mark has a real estate career of which he can be proud. In his time has been selling property he has earned wide recognition as a top performing Senior Sales Consultant. One of the greatest measures of success for a professional salesperson is referrals from clients. From Mark's strong personal following comes a great deal of repeat business and referrals with everyone commenting on his excellent sales and negotiating style. It is Mark's personal commitment and loyalty to his clients that is generously reciprocated and so greatly valued.

Being an exciting and highly credentialed sales consultant he consistently markets and sells properties others can't and consistently sells homes for more. State of the Art Technology embraces Mark's and wife Joanne's database of clients to facilitate the highly successful outcomes he so consistently achieves time after time. He also has a strong commitment to research and development to constantly ensure he is offering the highest caliber of the services to his clients at all times.

"To me, real estate is not just about houses - it is about people. True success in real estate does not just come from selling property - it comes from being honest, understanding and loyal. I am genuinely committed to providing outstanding, personal service and I am greatly looking forward to working for you and achieving an excellent result."

P: 07 4773 7333

Kevin Bulloch
Senior Sales Consultant

Kev joins Townsville Property Centre from a vast knowledge of real estate background from investments to new homes. After his many and varied experiences with real estate agents he is determined not to be one of the flock. He brings his life long values, integrity and high work ethic, which have always held him in high regard with his peers. Kev has called Townsville home for the last 7 years. Kev comes from a mining background which has given him a data base to set him well into his career His interests are taking time out with his Harley and getting away from it all With his bright personality and determination Kev listens to you and will get results that you will not be disappointed in.

P: 0407 478 620
  Vicki Beath
Sales Consultant

Experience, enthusiasm and motivation add to her abilities as a highly focused and results orientated real estate professional.
Vicki has been involved in real estate in Bowen since 1994 before obtaining her full Real Estate License in 2003.
Honesty, service and negotiation are the pillars of Vicki's profession, and her years of experience ensure that her negotiation skills are second to none.
Vicki ensures all her clients will get the best possible real estate experience each and every time, buying or selling.

P: 0419 864 037
  Fei Ren
Sales Agent

Fei understands a property is the biggest investment for most people and a home is the most important place for all human beings. People put their most effort in getting a dream home, even put the future life to earn it. To be a sale person who fulfills others’ dreams there is no reason to not to deliver his own best best effort to help these people with dream. Professional and respect is his believe. Integrity is the best word to describe him. Please believe every property is a story, a true story about seller, buyer and Sales.

Fei comes from China, which gives him a better understanding of the actually demanding for Asian market. Also he has been to Australia for about 5 years, the local market is also quite clear for him. All the words we have written down are to let you believe Fei can provide you the service over your expectation. If you still doubt it, then proof it yourself.

Fei 理解房地产是很多人一生中最大的投资,而一个家也是所有人一辈子最重要的地方。人们付出最大的努力来搭建一个梦想中的家,甚至透支未来以支付贷款。作为一名可以实现他人梦想的销售者,Fei没有理由不尽自己最大的努力。专业和尊重是他的信仰,诚实正直是描述他最好的词汇。请您相信,每一座房产都是一个故事,一个真实的关于卖家,买家和销售的故事。


P: 617 4773 7333